A Cafe in Tokyo – Part 1

pocci @ 12:27 AM


“A cafe in Tokyo” is a virtual cafe in my head.  This idea originates from a mesh set that I made for TS2 long ago.   I remade some items from the TS2 set for TS3, and added eight new meshes.

“Part 1″ of this set includes a bar stool, dining table, coffee table, sofa, living chair, glass top coffee tables,  two hanging lamp and two decorative items.    Part 2 and the collection file for this whole set are available at next post.

Details and download link will follow the 4th picture.








Tumblr Followers Gifts

pocci @ 8:56 PM

I’m sharing some CCs on my Tumblr. Here is the list of my followers gifts so far. If anyone interested, please go there via following links (click images) and download it from each post. No tumblr account is required.

Jellyfish ceiling lamps:

IS sofa:

small cabinet:

hanging cups deco:


clipboard walldeco: