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Panton Flowerpot Desklamp


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Stuffed Llama Toy


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Shabby Chic Nursery

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This set includes iron crib, crib skirt, frog toy, potty chair, and toy basket.

iron crib:

children – furniture category, recolorable four channels,
polycount 3248 per tile (in high detail), 1940 per tile (in low detail),

crib skirt:

This can be placed under cribs without cheats or alt key.
children – miscellaneous category, polycount 706 (in high detail), 278 (in low detail),
recolorable one channel

frog toy:

children – toys category, polycount 1568 (in high detail)
recolorable two channels

toy basket:

children – toys category, polycount 1632 (in high detail), 690 (in low detail)
recolorable two channels

potty chair:

children – furniture category, polycount 1144 (in high detail), 765 (in low detail)
recolorable three channels

All variations are shown in pictures.
tested in game ver. 10.0, requires patch 1.26 or later.
made with TSR Workshop.
The frog toy was newly cloned after PetsEP installed.Other sims3pack files were fixed with TSR RigFix, and packages with Grant’s RigFix.

DOWNLOAD sims3pack

DOWNLOAD package

If you’re not going to apply patch 1.26 to your game, the old version is here (sims3pack) or here(package).

in-use pictures: