Peacock sofa for ts3 (updated for PetsEP)

pocci @ 12:14 AM
This is conversion of my peacock sofa for ts2.

another variations:

polycount: 2962 in high detail, (1481 per tile), 1870 in low detail (935 per tile)

view of color channels

made with TSRWorkshop, tested in game version 10.0. requires patch 1.26 / 1.27 or Pets EP.
RigFix tools cannnot fix seatings. Please remove old file and install the updated one.


The zip file includes sims3pack and package. Please install only one of them.


Coffee break mini set (updated for patch 1.26)

pocci @ 11:21 PM
Today I have an old small set that I made before the 3.11 Earthquake.

cofeebreak set

This set  includes a dining chair, an end table and a coffee cup.
The chair and end table were inspired by Tortie Hoare’s designs.


Comfort – dining chair, recolorable three channels
poly count: 1634


coffee break 03

surfaces – end tables, recolorable two channels
polycount: 328

coffee cup:

coffee break 04

decorative – miscellaneous, Only right one is recolorable (three channels).
poly count: 790

All variations are shown in pictures.

tested in game version 10.0. Patch 1.26 / 1.27 or Pets EP is required.

made with TSRWorkshop. The chair was newly cloned after PetsEP installed. Other sims3pack files were fixed with TSR RigFix, and package files with Grant’s RigFix.
RigFix toole cannnot fix chairs. Please remove old chair file and install the updated file.

DOWNLOAD sims3packs


DOWNLOAD packages

If you’re not going to apply patch 1.26 / 1.27 to your game, the old files are here (sims3packs) or here (packages).