“Shabby Bathroom set” updated for patch 1.26 and Pets EP

pocci @ 9:18 AM


decorative – miscellaneous, recolorable two channels


decorative – mirrors, recolorable one channel, shiftable up/down

metal rack on bathtub:

decorative – miscellaneous, recolorable one channel
It has six slots. But only two slots would be available since they are located close to each other.


recolorable three channels

All variations are shown in pictures.
tested in game version 10.0,
made with TSRWorkshop

Bathtub cannot be fixed with RigFix tools. Please remove old bathtub file and install the updated file.
The old mirror file can be fixed. But the fixed file are not identical to the updated file include in zip. I recommend to remove old file and install new one.
The metal rack and canopy were fixed with TSR RigFix tool and the fixed files are included in zip. If you have already fixed file, you do not have to install it.

requires patch 1.26 / 1.27 or Pets EP.

DOWNLOAD (sims3pack)

DOWNLOAD (package)

If you are not going to apply patch 1.26 / 1.27 to your game, old files are still availablehere (sims3pack) and here (package)


Bath Storage set (updated for patch 1.26)

pocci @ 1:58 PM

This set includes six new meshes – Blue cabinet, bath towel, stacked towels, basket and storage cans – and one pattern.

1944 poly (2 tiles), surfaces – miscellaneous
CAS-recolorable three parts
This cabinet has 25 slots.

bath towel (558 poly) and stacked towels (1111 poly)
Decor – miscellaneous, CAS-recolorable

storage cans, tall&short
each 542 poly, Decor – miscellaneous
CAS-recolorable three parts, two variations

910 poly, Decor – miscellaneous
CAS-recolorable three parts, three variations

Updated on Nov. 4, 2011: Patch 1.26 / 1.27 or Pets EP is required.

DOWNLOAD (sims3pack)

If you’re not going to apply patch 1.26 / 1.27 to your game, old files are still available here.