A Cafe in Tokyo – Part 1

pocci @ 12:27 AM


“A cafe in Tokyo” is a virtual cafe in my head.  This idea originates from a mesh set that I made for TS2 long ago.   I remade some items from the TS2 set for TS3, and added eight new meshes.

“Part 1″ of this set includes a bar stool, dining table, coffee table, sofa, living chair, glass top coffee tables,  two hanging lamp and two decorative items.    Part 2 and the collection file for this whole set are available at next post.

Details and download link will follow the 4th picture.








White Brick Cafe – Dining Set

pocci @ 5:14 PM

This set was inspired by a photo I saw at a blog.
It includes two dining chairs, barstool, dining table, vase with leaves, chair-shaped wall shelf, and table lamp.