Rustic Bedroom set

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This set includes two beds (double and single), deer chair, hanging shade lamp, two antler decors, butterfly decor and wall candle with mirror.

Claudette double bed:


This headboard was requested by Sunhair.
CAStable three channels, two variations, 2602 faces / six tiles

Claudette single bed:


CAStable three channels, two variations,1974 faces / three tiles

Deer chair:


dining chair, CAStable two channels, 1326 faces

Hanging shade lamp:


table lamp, CAStable three channels, 928 faces

Painted antler decors:


This painted antler decor was inspired by morrowsimsCC wishes post
Sculpture type: Decoratives > Sculpture and Miscellaneous decors categories, 1 simoleon, CAStable four channels, 262 faces
Hanging type: Decoratives > Paintings and Miscellaneous decors categories, 1 simoleon, CAStable four channels, 326 faces, movable up-down on wall

Butterfly decor:


Miscellaneous decor category, 5 simoleons, CAStable three channels except for butterfly part of the first variation, 342 faces

Wall candle with mirror:


Miscellaneous decor category, 5 simoleons, CAStable three channels, 358 faces
This candle functions as a candle, not as mirror.

made with TSR workshop 2.0.76, tested in game version 1.63+1.67/…/19.0, all basegame compatible

If you have “pre-release” package files of the chair, butterfly decor and candle, they are same as those included in the zip below.

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collection file:
ICONbutterfly lonelybutterfly09

Put the collection file (collICON_pocci_RusticBedroom.package) into Collections / User folder (\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Collections\User). And you need to have the custom icon file (collICON_pocci_RusticBedroom.package) in Mods / Packages folder.

The collection works for either sims3pack or package. You need not have all files in this collection.

DOWNLOAD collection files

CCs used in top picture:
Painting: Artwork Deer Man by baufive
Floor: conversions from Yuxi’s floor by i-like-teh-sims

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  1. How Amazing! You do have a lot of talent! This talks itself OMG Pocci!
    You did a great job here ♥

    Comment by DavidMont — 2014/02/01 @ 12:21 PM

  2. Thank you David!! I’m happy you like it♥

    Comment by pocci — 2014/02/01 @ 12:54 PM

  3. Thank you! I love this set :)

    Comment by Emily — 2014/02/02 @ 5:37 AM

  4. Thank you Emily♥

    Comment by pocci — 2014/02/02 @ 9:26 AM

  5. I always love your creations. This set is so cool.. Thank you very much! :)

    Comment by Ruby Red — 2014/02/05 @ 5:45 AM

  6. Oh how lovely! I especially love the bed. <3

    Comment by PJ — 2014/02/05 @ 7:30 AM

  7. Hi Pocci! This is so stunning and haunting and lovely :) Thank you for everything you share with us. — aminovas

    Comment by Ami Novas — 2014/02/07 @ 12:56 PM

  8. Ruby red, PJ, and aminovas
    Thank you for your sweet comments!! 😀 I’m really happy you all like it! ♥

    Comment by pocci — 2014/02/08 @ 11:52 AM

  9. This is perfect Pocci!!!

    Comment by Linda — 2014/02/12 @ 12:43 AM

  10. Thank you very much ^^

    Comment by NaiNai — 2015/01/08 @ 12:18 AM