pocci @ 8:51 AM

Hi, folks. Sorry for long lack of updates.

I just edited my Term of Use a little for clarity:

You may use and modify any of my meshes and textures to make custom contents for The Sims 2 or 4. Please mention original creator (pocci or GardenBreeze Sim3) when you share your conversions, and keep it free.

I’ve uninstalled Sims 4 from my PC. I’m not planning to learn how to make CCs for Sims 4. So please feel free to convert my meshes for Sims 4. My ToU is simple. Do what you want to on my meshes as long as you give me proper credit and keep it free.

Happy simming! :)


Rose mini set part 2

pocci @ 2:30 PM




This set includes a rose bouquet, glass pitcher, a vase, and three roses decor.
Rose mini set part 1 is here.